Sunday, April 10, 2005

The New Boyfriend

We met last month, and it's been love at first byte sight.

Now we're inseparable. Flash travels everywhere with me—on locations, to the office or studio, at home.

He has all the qualities that one appreciates in a BF ... or flash drive. Good looking, sturdy, dependable and an incredible memory. Also, like any good boyfriend, the flash drive can keep secrets; it's password-protected. It fits comfortably inside my pocket (also a nice place for BFs to be), and a keychain means that we're joined at the hip.

These new flash drives are offdahook. 512MB of storage for less than thirty dollars. (That's like seven grande no-whip whatevers ... or the tip for two hot dancers at Stonewall.) It's great for work and travel, no need to lug around discs or worry about sending files to the home or office.

The Jump Drive Secure can be divided into a public zone and secure zone, and you decide what percentage of memory goes to each. So even if the flash were left in my office desktop ... none of your nosy coworkers would find anything like this.