Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Must See Gay TV

Does it really matter if yet another American Idol contestant is gay?

Not to me. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I tend to assume that most young men vying for singing and modeling contracts on national television are suspect.

So it comes as no surprise that John Chiklis at has discovered Anwar Robinson's M4M ad on Blackplanet.

Apparently it's not fake; the photos are clearly identifiable and the acount history shows that the owner has not logged in since January 1, around the same time that I last checked my BP dating profile. That was long before Idol's fourth season contestants were announced, so it's highly unlikely the profile was doctored.

In television news we call stories like this ... non-stories. Okay, another cute, exuberant young man singing show tunes is gay. What is the surprise?

AI is today's Valley of the Dolls, complete with a bitchy has-been Simon Cowell Helen Lawson lashing out at any young upstart with more talent than her. So it comes as no surprise that Jim Ryan Justin Clay Mario Simon gays and gay-friendly personalities are attracted. The bigger story is that Anwar didn't try to santize his background. Maybe he's thought about it, maybe he figured it wasn't worth the effort.

In any event, my next question to John Chiklis: You've outed this young man. "And?"