Monday, March 28, 2005

He's Just Not That Into You

More thought-provoking content from the fashionistas at D&G.

Last time, the same model was suspended on a sling hammock as the other male models ignored him to concentrate on a little boy and his chimp. MJ, maybe? Other recent events?

Here's another interesting image presented in the men's underwear campaign. Same model, this time in clever tighty whiteys, pants dropped and ready action. A disheveled young slacker walks by, oblivious to the Chelsea Boy. BTW, the other model's his hair isn't white; that was a pre-scan drop of water.

Obviously this is a hook up location, a la Fire Island, Rehoboth or Chicago's Montrose Harbor. Has the second model already had his fun? Or is he just not into circuit clones with bad QAF haircuts?

La Dolce Gabbana Lolita: brotha2Brotha