Friday, March 25, 2005

If Madonna Calls

Let’s say you're the marketing director for a haute couture designer who's best collections are gathering dust ... and now is pressed to sell blatantly over-priced accessories to the masses. Unfortunately, the label's titular head designer-slash-top spokesmodel is in rehab taking time off. What to do?

Start a new campaign—with an even bigger spokesperson! Versace is more than a designer; it's an icon. So who better to promote the spring/summer collezione than another legend—Madonna Louise Ciccone Penn Ritchie.

Madge is brilliant in the new print campaign for Versace occhiali (glasses) and accessorizi. Never been a fan of their eyewear collection—the frames were gaudy and too small, more suitable for shuffleboard queens in Key West. This new line is quite on the money.

The new ads are lensed by the celebrated Mario Testino, who also created the Material Girl's 1995 campaign for the same designer.

The color scheme is intriguing. The rust and orange perfectly complement Madonna's pale complexion. Factor in the near-platinum hair coloring ... the effect is surrealistic. She's model-perfect. Not too much makeup, uncertain expression. Rita Hayworth isn't the only one who gave good face.