Friday, March 25, 2005

iCandy: Daniel Pt3

You've seen Daniel before. Twice he's appeared on these pages, in February photo essays entitled Words Unnecessary Parts 1 and Deaux. Even though you may have seen other photos on the 'net, these two pictures are probably new to you. They were taken several years ago by San Francisco-based Kurt Brown, and display a sensitive, less developed model.

The series is candid and reflective. Compare the pictures on this page to these. Daniel is relaxed, tender and sensitive. He hasn't yet developed the cockiness that results from years in the gym—not to say that's a bad thing. Daniel also seems shy, like below where he avoids eye contact while the shadows bathe him in light. The oil's sheen is almost reflective across his model's skin.

Two weeks ago, we introduced the award-winning photography of Kurt Brown's Studio, where many beautiful images are available as prints, calendars, etc. He also has a fine selection of male and female nudes, and baby portraits. Look for Kurt's photography in the current #54 issue of Blue, p. 68-75.

Kurt Brown's Studio

Words Unnecessary Part 1 and Deaux: brotha2Brotha