Monday, April 04, 2005

Mission: Gail O'Neill

If you're anything like myself, you probably spend more than enough time obsessing over the more important things in life: 400 count pima cotton sheets, sales at Banana Republic, staying on the good side of bouncers and party promoters ... and catching HGTV.

Gail O'Neill is a familiar face to HGTV fans. As the host of Mission Organization, she's responsible for bringing control and order to chaos and clutter. Her personality mirrors the show: she looks fabulous and is always on point. Mission Organization is one of the better shows on HGTV, but in reality most of their programming is top-notch.

There's something about Gail. You fall in love with her Colgate smile, easy manner and poise. She's quite comfortable in front of the camera, and you wonder ... where have I seen that face? After watching the show several times, you realize that you've seen her before, possibly many times.

Gail is a former supermodel, and has graced the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle and other top mags. While other former Elite, Ford and Wilhelmina girls are starring on reality shows (hellooo Janice!) and Page Six—or Page SixSixSix—Gail has done just the opposite. She segued into television as a reporter, covering features for the CBS Early Show, then moving to CNN to report and host the weekly Travel Now. The Atlanta-based personality also files reports for other CNN programs. And of course, you can catch her weekdays on HGTV.

Check local listings. Mission Organization: HGTV