Friday, April 01, 2005

iCandy: Sticky Shower Pt 2

The best thing about working in television—aside from the frenetic pace, fancy titles, over-valued salaries and the general cooler-than-thou attitude, which of course I do not have—is the medium itself. Enter any studio, production company or newsroom, everyone has at least one or two monitors on their desk or cube, and many more in offices. The more monitors and high-tech set-up is a badge of honor.

The coolest shops route dozens of in-house and cable channels directly onto your desktop or laptop, like the entertainment news show where yours truly worked earlier this week. A few hours of script-tweaking could be idled away while watching satelitte feeds from anywhere ... and the worst best that DirecTV had to offer, like Doing Hard Time.

By now, my sticky fingers for Kirk Jones—aka Sticky Fingaz—has been well documented. Last month we admired his shower calendar from years ago; now let's see how he really looks while soaping up.

DHT isn't a great movie. The 2004 prison thriller was very ... should we say, straight to video? But Sticky's second-billing as Eddie Mathematic was decent. Besides, who can resist pictures like this?

Here's the cliched and derivative plot: strong, determined man (Boris Kodjoe) vows revenge after his daughter his killed, and must go behind bars to exact vengeance. As Sunshine Anderson sang, heard it all before.

Along the way he meets the usual characters, hard core thugs, corrupt prison guards, evil warden, etc. It's basically Oz, sans the brilliant writing by Tom Fontana, ensemble cast and clever story arcs. But the bonus: there are even more nude shower scenes.

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