Tuesday, March 15, 2005

iCandy: Sticky Shower

Last month, we were waxing on about Sticky Fingaz. Now we're obsessing. Sticky—born Kirk Jones—is best known for fronting rap group Onyx in the early- and mid-nineties.

You may recall these shots from the Sticky Fingaz Calendar of 2000. Even though the top foto is steamy, these two are my faves. The composition is excellent: Sticky's frame is fully centered, and his complexion compliments the shower tile. Also, the head nod was a creative way to hide down thurr'.

The calendar proceeds were donated to charity, to the International Black Women's Congress.
Ah. He can sing, act and has a conscience.
Let's hope there is another calendar soon.

I ♥ Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz Official Online Team