Monday, March 14, 2005

iCandy: Snake Boy

Don't know his name, but I just remember him as the snake boy. Found this picture maybe three years ago on Blackplanet, when sooo many brothaz were servin' it. Honestly: the sight of a beautiful, regal reptile curled around a man's neck—especially a hottie, with muscles, curves, and tattoos—has always done more than something for me.

Plus, the pic reminds me of Wood, my ex. He looks very much like this—just darker, more size and tats—and often walked around with his pet coral snake.

Another pic from BP of the snake boy, this time with a buddy. Okay, so he's in a gang frat. Don't you hate it when they ruin perfection? In the first picture he's so relaxed and reflective; regardless, both are beautiful. Their complexions are near flawless—not a pimple, blemish or imperfection in sight.

Memo to dark and lovely on the left: can you get any more ripped?