Friday, March 11, 2005

Lens: Kurt Brown's Studio

The affect of Kurt Brown's photography is awe and wonder. Regardless of subject matter—still life, editorial, portraits or nudes—the images have a surreal quality. Even something as hyper-realistic as the model’s musculature blends perfectly with the background, etched in stone, you could say. Is it live? Is it Memorex?

San Franscisco City Hall

Brown is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, and has lived there his entire life. His award-winning photography reflects the aesthetics of Northern California: synergy with nature and a respect of wide, open spaces. Above, we look into the dome of the San Francisco City Hall. The gold plate is a focal point, beautifully framed by an intricate mosaic.

Kurt's studio is 100% virtual, shooting outdoors, utilizing natural light for the much of his work. James on the cliff, left, is a superb example. The image is near flawless: the turquoise belt buckle serves as a compass. It's aligned perfectly with James' abs; in the background, waves crash to the beach. The tide appears to start at the model's eyes, again aligned with the abs and buckle.

Look at the next depiction of James at right. The model blends seamlessly with stone, wood and grafitti. The colors and hues of the environment complement his brown skin. But his pose is odd and playful; what is he hiding from? Or what does he not want us to see? The picture at right is not overtly sexual or sensual, it's more of a still life.

We see a similar motif in Belt Buckle, here. The steer's head—again, distinctively western—frames the torso, and the abdominals are a highway into the granite. Like the first image, the juxtaposition of stone and skin is almost transcedental. Where does one end, and the other begin?

Belt Buckle is one of several Kurt Brown images currently on display at a gallery. Kurt's show at Dot Fiftyone Art Space in Miami runs through Monday.

This is from Santorini. The photographer has developed an extensive portfolio of landscapes and still lifes from the Greek Isles. The whitewashed home and tranquil beach setting almost codify the essence of the Greek isles: timeless beauty and endless sunsets.

Please visit Kurt Brown's Studio, where many beautiful images are available as prints, calendars, etc. He also has a fine selection of male and female nudes, and baby portraits.

Also: look for Kurt's photography in the current #54 issue of Blue, p. 68-75.

Kurt Brown's Studio