Thursday, March 10, 2005

iCandy: Damien

Photos © BrothaLove Images

A week ago Wednesday, we first met Damien. Here are several more pics from one of the photoshoots by Atlanta-based photographer Malik M. L. Williams. He's the eye behind the lens at BrothaLove Images, which specializes in creating positive images of black men; these beautiful, sun-drenched photos above and below qualify.

For some reason, the above railroad car shots stand out. Perhaps it's the model's relaxed pose, or the juxtaposition of rusting metal and glistening skin. The snapshot at left is particularly notworthy. The framing of the car door and model's arms create synergy; the contrast of his abdominals against the metal is striking. The faded industrial lettering implies danger.

More about the subject: Damien grew up in Detroit, but traded in the cold Michigan winters for the ATL. He's 24 years old, a student and entrepreneur. He models part-time, and can be seen in two upcoming calendars.

BrothaLove Images
Malik M. L. Williams