Sunday, April 03, 2005


Certain weblogs should be experienced; they offer more than the pedestrian "read me, look at me, become bored by me" fare that has over-run the blogosphere. aguysite blog is one such site.

The multimedia experience was created by the same Dallas webmaster who brought us That and it's companion weblog are brilliantly designed: a dash Herb Ritts, a measure of Blue magazine, sprinkles of music, literature, books and travels ... shaken, not stirred ... voila! The result is a sexy, clever and engrossing read. There's a tremendous urge to accompany the browsing with bossa nova or Jill Scott; one could do that, but the beauty of this site is that you don't have to. Many entries are complemented with music that you can download via iTunes.

The April edition of can be experienced now. aguysite blog is updated almost daily, so it's like getting an extra dvd of bonus features. And a plus: someone else who loves the Brand New Heavies!