Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Four Words

Let's say you wanted to have a conversation with me. Maybe my Yahoo, AOL or Blackplanet profiles—complete with stats, many interests and pictures—may offer just a small hint of my personality.

But that's not enough for some people. Authoring a popular weblog is also not very informative to these same persons. Routinely, people without any profiles, stats, pictures or any other anecdotal information need more. They send IMs that begin with four words that are more appropriate for job interviews at Bennigan’s:

SexxySmart: So. Tell me about yourself.
Rod: ?
SexxySmart: I saw your page and your blog and want to know more.
Rod: Like … ?
SexxySmart: What things you like to do. Your interests, all that stuff. Whatever that you don’t go into on your page or blog.
Rod: Yo dawg, did you even read my page? Pretty extensive.
SexxySmart: Yes, I saw all of them. But I don’t read those cuz people say anything.
Rod: (shaking head)
Rod: (checking profile)
Rod: You have no profile, g. My page sez, no profile, no chat.
SexxySmart: I didn’t see that.
SexxySmart: Hello?
SexxySmart: You’re not all that.
SexxySmart: Really, you're not.