Monday, April 04, 2005

iCandy: Mr. Caribbean International

Mr. Caribbean International 2004
"I'll have one of each, please."

Here's a novel concept: invite a group of hot, talented black men to a contest ... that they actually have a chance of winning.

That's counter the usual formula programmed into many pageants, 'reality' television or even horror movies. Invariably, those scripts dictate that we lose in the opening rounds. But if you read these pages, you already know that my mission is to find contests where brothaz win like the Mr. Panama competition ... and now the Mr. Caribbean International.

Mr. Caribbean International is an annual competition at Hedonism III in Jamaica. The contest goes farther than offering a smorgasbord of chocolate iCandy: it promotes unity and brotherhood among the African diaspora among Caribbean cultures.

We encourage the contestants to display their rich culture, share their diversity in the spirit of unity, and showcase their talent to a multicultural society ... We specialize in the oganization of events that shine a positive and dynamic light on the communities within the Caribbean.

For the winners, there is a cash prize, travel, accomodations and almost unlimited fun at one of Jamaica's better resorts.

Look at those arms holding that ... mic.

Now in its sixth year, Mr. Caribbean International has grown from a small pageant into an impressive international contest. The organizers and contestants all reflect the African, Asian and Hispanic melange that has made Caribbean culture so vibrant. Official sponsors include Air Jamiaca, Hedonism III and Bally's Total Fitness. The competition is headquartered in Toronto, which has a significant West Indian population and vibe.

Symon Murray, Middle
Mr. Caribbean Canada

Right now, organizers are recruiting contesants for the next competition which will be held from October 3th to October 10th 2005 in Jamaica. Contestants must be 18 years or older and able to travel to Jamaica on those dates. Visit here for contest details.

Thanks to Keith for contest information.

Mr. Caribbean International