Friday, April 08, 2005

Hotel, Motel, Holiday N

Who says Paris Hilton can be the only trust fund baby to cry "lights, camera, action"? Look out world, there's a new hotel heiress to conquer the red carpet. Introducing Miss Holiday N, a g-fab princess and her deliciously wicked new blog The Heiress Diaries. Her motto:

We'll dish about sex, entertainment, gossip, fashion and some serious shit too like sex—dat's hot right? And as long as you can get over me being gorgeous and spoiled we'll get along perfectly.

Finally, someone who understands me.

Her site has been around for about two weeks, and it's usually roflmao. Skip over to Holiday's page and check out her wrap of the Johnnie Cochran funeral ... and weigh-in run-in with Bridezilla. Dat's hot.

The Heiress Diaries