Thursday, April 07, 2005

Are You 429?

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Some people are leaders, others are followers. When it comes to fashion, you always want to be ahead of the game—setting styles, establishing trends and branding your own unique identity.

That's the mission of 429 Life, an edgy new sportswear company that is quickly creating buzz in the fashion industry. The sleek designs cater to the confident, discerning and active man "who comfortably resides in a realm between unassumingly gay and unmistakenly metrosexual."

The styling is relaxed yet unmistakenly clever. The distinctively tailored fit emphasizes the masculine V-shape of the body that you've worked so hard to achieve, and want to display in the warm weather.

Are you a 429 Man? If you're reading this weblog, you probably are. Look up 429 on your phone ... what does it spell? Gay. The t-shirt collection features text that are witty yet subtle—such as Are You 429? Absolutely429 or 429 Boy.

The shirts and identifying text are code for those in the know, like admission to a virtual VIP room of fierceness. The shirts make a statement about the wearer’s sexuality without overdoing it.

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429 Life via ManChic, the ultimate male fashion guide.