Monday, April 11, 2005

Lazarus Lives

Regular readers of these pages are well-familiar with my likes; admittedly, there is an infatuation with aesthetics. Beautiful music, stunning photography, clever advertising, seventies muscle cars, dark and lovely muscle boys, and poetic, gifted writing. I ♥ books, magazines and scripts like an addict looking for his next fix.

So here's the latest fix: Lazarus by Rashid Darden.

Rashid's debut novel is the story of love, desire and conflict inside the black frat system. The protagonist is Adrian, the new BMOC and a sensitive, handsome college brotha who is looking for look and also trying to find his place in the world. That may be with Savion, fellow student, a Dominiciano and poet. Adrian's determined to follow his father's footsteps and pledge the frat, but his newly found attraction to Savion may undermine his legacy, status on campus and relationship with his friends and family.

Rashid is a refreshing new voice in African American and gay literature, which sadly has become derivative and g-fab. He has an eclectic background: writer, poet, educator and has studied in London, Moscow and Georgetown.

Stay tuned for more information about Lazarus. In the meantime, visit Rashid Darden's website for a sample chapter, ordering information and more:

Old Gold Soul