Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blame Canada

As two gay-themed networks—here! and Viacom-owned LOGO—prepare to compete for American gay audiences, they may want to consider recent developments in liberal, same-sex-friendly Canada. Gay and lesbian channel OUTtv has filed a complaint and accused two of the country's biggest cable and satellite services of discrimination.

OUTtv re-launched yesterday as a 24/7 GLBT channel. They've accused Shaw and Bell ExpressVu of blocking their distribution to a wider audience. Regulators have classified the 'net as a Categoy 1 service, and it should be bundled with other lifestyle networks such as Food Network and Fine Living.

Shaw and Bell ExpressVu continue to market OUTtv as a pay-per-view service, which costs subscribers an average of $8. OUTtv president Bill Craig says the price point "turns off many people."

Gay TV Channel Files Complaints: The Globe and Mail