Tuesday, December 14, 2004

“It’s Me, Not You”

Poor Karamo. Just when brothas across the country had anointed him their DL spokesman, he pulled a stunt and showed everyone that he was just a regular gurl in new packaging.

Karamo played Dorian like a violin, and his performance was hardly original or inspiring . He found petty, trite reasons to manufacture incompatibility; he lied; and as opposed to spending quality time with his man, he faked an illness (“I have a headache”) and then put on his party dress to go to punk bar with his other (no man-having) girlfriends. [MTV/Real World]

The whole script was very Typically Faggy 101. Who hasn’t seen this stunt pulled? Its extremely popular among high school girls, younger women, and so many gay men under 30. The only thing lacking is the obligatory late night phone call to Dorian in a few weeks, saying “it’s me, not you.”

But the season’s not over; stay tuned.