Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Flowers in the Attic

More on the wedding that will not end. A NewYork City landscaper is suing Star Jones over a wilted quid pro quo deal. Dimitri Nurseries redesigned her rooftop garden in advance of an Architectural Digest shoot last year. Now, they are suing the freebie loving star of ABC's The View.

Go to to The Smoking Gun for a copy of the court documents. In the lawsuit, Dimitri Nurseries claims that Jones signed an agreement guaranteeing that the firm, in lieu of payment, would get a credit in AD for its work. When the citation didn't appear, the landscapers demanded that Jones make good on a $7189.20 bill for geranium arrangements, potting soil, moss, mulch, dogwood, ficus plants, and other items. the multimillionaire Jones refused to pay, and instead offered to give the firm a plaque with her picture that could be hung in its East Harlem headquarters. "A picture worth 7-thousand words"