Friday, December 03, 2004

Totally Tacky Links Instant notification when a celebrity dies. Sorry, no text messages.

Jerrys Bait and Tackle. Go to Central Park. Stalk an innocent squirrel. Dispatch said rodent. Taxi home, or use your wireless laptop while on the A train to find tasty squirrel recipes. (Creamed squirrel, squirrel pie, etc.) Enjoy!

Portable stripper poles. For the stripper on the go. "Provides balance and stability for your craziest pole tricks" And for clients who need to eat and run: "Stripper pole base may be used as a coffee table when pole is removed."

A guy's guide to using those portable stripper poles. An informative how-to-video on how to become a male exotic dancer. "Marketing, Costuming, Using Fire, 'Tying Off', & much more! Color, VHS" Sorry, no CODs. (BTW, what is "tying off"?)