Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I have a confession to make. I have become a Tyler Perry junkie. I had been hearing about Madea for years, but only recently bought two of the DVDs. Okay, I'll admit it, they were bootlegs sold by the Ethiopian guy in the barbershop on Fulton Street. But the music, the laughter, and the shows were so strong that I navigated to Tyler's website to buy more. So now I have most of the shows.

That's how I discovered Terrell Carter. You've seen him: in Class Reunion, he was the angry brotha with the spectacular pipes. And in the latest play, Meet the Browns, he plays Dr. Will Brown.

Terrell is a stunna. He's six-five, chocolate, and obviously, no stranger to the gym (memo: this is how I want to look when I grow up). All that was my initial attraction. But the more I heard him sing, the more romantic I felt. In Class Reunion, that powerful solo about love, and committment and honesty? Forgetaboutit. I was hooked. I keep thinking, wow, I wish a man would sing to me like that.

So I bought Terrell's CD. He's very soulful, reminds me of Jaheim, or Joe, or even a young Teddy Pendergrass. I think peeps used to call that "beggin' music", when the man is singing so strong, and his voice so powerful, and he's begging a woman not to leave him. That's how Terrell comes across. According to his bio, he started off in gospel, which I assumed. Its the last music form that truly appreciates a strong male voice.

I miss voices like Terrell's. There are ten tracks on "The Story" , and each want makes me long for more. My faves are Everything, and Hard for Me. they're romantic, soulful and very old school. He has an incredible range, he can go uptempo, but is much more comfortable in gospel, or in material with stronger vocals.