Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The 411

Today, it seems everyone has own their reality show, book deal or blog. Or, in some cases, people on reality shows are getting book deals, and blogging the whole experience. Then there's the movie deal. Seeing that I haven't received that call from TriStar yet ... and the book writing is going just a little slow ... I thought I'd start where could. So check back every day or two for thoughts, news and hopefully some entertainment from an insider's POV.

My 15 second bio: a 30ish brotha in the life, a producer/writer working on the great American novel. I've been living in New York City for the past four years, but am now commuting between there and Chicago. For several years I worked at ABC News--first as a producer in the Chicago bureau, then moving to NYC to write and produce for several shows. I've also worked in talk, local news, and produced for magazine shows like Extra and Cops. But I started in print, writing for the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Reader, and some others.

Now, I'm freelancing for a few shows, and trying to complete a novel (hint: reality show). Also, I've written a spec script for one of the Law & Order shows, and am working on a follow-up.

My likes: reading, college sports, Thai food, anime, neosoul, hittin' the gym and my mountain bike. Also been known to do some traveling, love going out to eat, and am a movie fanatic.