Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ben Affleck Is As ...

... Sick of himself as you are..
Or, at least, that’s according to the cover of the Details that arrived in my mailbox today. “Oh no, you aren’t Mr. Affleck,” you are probably saying. Because if Ben were that sick he’d be receiving his last rites. Right now.

What is it with this guy? He is so freakin’ regular, and not in the cute-guy regular either. Plus, he phones his lines in. Just yesterday, I said his brother Casey can turn in a decent performance here and there. But Benny is tired of being a movie star and wants to become (gasp) … an actor.
Details: Do you want to stop acting?
BA: I might continue to act, but it’ll be different kinds of acting.

I'll leave that one alone. Any-hoo, I'm sure Lifetime is already casting the MOW (movie of the week) about that other California bad boy who likes strippers and had numerous girlfriend marriage problems.[Defamer]