Saturday, November 13, 2004

Stalkerazzi Pt 2: Frenchie

Speaking of Rent, why do I keep bumping into Frenchie Davis?

"You're stalking me!" I joked with her one afternoon a few weeks ago, on Seventh Avenue South near Sushi Samba. "No, you're stalking me!" she laughed.

Over the past two summers, sometimes we've crossed paths several times a week on Christopher Street, East 8th (she's a shoehorse) and in SoHo. (Why, you may ask, do I keep bumping into people on the street? One, it's New York, two, I'm not working full time.) I've seen her on Broadway, and the girl has some PIPES. That whole American Idol fiasco was lame, but if any of the show's alumni have the potential for major stardom, it's her. The sistah has the last laugh.