Friday, November 12, 2004

In the Boardroom

"I would define success as getting done exactly what you set out to get done without compromise - not an easy thing to do. "

That's the philosophy of Kevin, the lone black in the boardroom on NBC's Apprentice 2. I think he's becoming one of the stand out candidates in the show's second season. He isn't the stereotypical black man on a reality show. There's nothing ghetto fabulous, or self-hating about him at all. He's smart--a law student at my alma matter, The University of Chicago. He and his brother have started a software company. The former football player says he's engaged (sigh), and in his spare time, reads, works out (duh), likes hip hop, jazz, and the beach. If he wins, it's certainly vindicate last season's upset with Kwame and Bill.