Saturday, November 13, 2004

Stalkerazzi Pt 1: Vin

Vin Diesel ... remember that guy? Aiight, let me be nice. I've always been a huge Vin fan, even after The Fast and the Furious, as he continues to phone his lines in. A few weekends ago, I saw him (again) in the West Village and had my opportunity to tell him exactly what I thought.

Of course, standing outside the Equinox gym at Jane and Greenwich, I did no such thing. He actually remembered seeing me in the neighborhood last year, and recalled that I lived a few blocks from his parent's loft in the WestBeth building. We walked to the Starbucks a few doors down, and Vin (well, his friends call him by his real name, Mark) made nice with a cocker spaniel. Awww.

I'm one of those few who think he can really act. I admire the intensity he had in Boiler Room, and Knockaround Guys. Pitch Black was a sleeper hit because it was low budget, and had such strong dialogue and characters. But the sequel--The Chronicles of Riddick? Uggh. Big budget fiasco. Look for its release on DVD this Tuesday, November 16.

And let me put to rest all of those rumors. He had a cafe americano. There.