Friday, November 12, 2004

Say It Ain't So

Who doesn't love looking at Michael Jai White? The actor some have called the "black Terminator" has been ... well, terminated. Reports say CBS has yanked his new drama Clubhouse. The new series follows a mythical MLB team, loosely based on the Yankees. Jai White's character is a cross between Barry Bonds and Deion Sanders.

It's been hard for the show to find an audience. The time slot has been moved twice, and the networks--especially CBS--are finding far more revenue from unscripted, reality shows. The next episode was supposed to air this Saturday at 8p/est, but instead, viewers can sit back and relax Dallas Reunion.

But if you want more Jai White eye candy, get a copy of the latest Today's Black Woman. He's on the cover with girlfriend (aww) AJ Johnson, the fitness guru and VH1 host.

Rent or buy a copy of Two Days in the Valley, a gritty Pulp Fiction meets Short Cuts. In the first few minutes of the film , MJW has about a three minute role. He plays a musclebound homothug. Definitely worth watching.