Saturday, November 13, 2004

Nothin' Goin' on but tha Rent

Call me a hater, but Taye Diggs upsets me. He's confident, good looking, his agent returns his calls ... he's a renaissance man for the '00s. He can play a novelist, a record producer or a Jamaican boy toy with little or no effort.

Taye originated the role of Benny in the Broadway smash hit Rent, and it looks like he will bring that role to the big screen. Reports say the show's producers are negotiating with Diggs, Law and Order's Jesse L. Martin, and other original cast members to reprise their roles for a film.

Have u seen Kevin Hill, Taye's sitcom on UPN? I'm not a big fan of 'coms--I usually find the situations forced, the jokes not-so-funny and very predictable--but Diggs' is doing the best he can with the material. When November sweeps wrap up, I'd be interested in seeing how it performed.