Sunday, November 14, 2004

Jockbeat: Momma Said Knock You Out ... Again, Again and Again

Posted by Hello Don’t call it a comeback. If anything, Evander Holyfield’s sad defeat at the Garden last night was more of a “don’t come back, we’ll call you.” The former heavyweight champ was dominated by a newbie--who wouldn't have lasted six rounds with him during his prime.

It was a fiasco. Holyfield was unable to throw punches, and seemed helpless as Larry Donald jabbed his way to a unanimous 12-round decision. The spectacle made the 42-year-old Holyfield's quest for the undisputed heavyweight title seem …bizaare?

But he'll always be a champ to me. (With segues like that, you know here comes my Holyfield story) Two years ago, I was at a Delta gate in Hartsfield awaiting my best friend. Holyfield was the first person off the plane. Dang, I thought I was tall and had a lil bit of size, but he dwarfed me. He looked stunning, and was chatty as he patiently awaited his entourage, which consisted of exactly one person: and older man with a bad perm and lots of jewelry. The manager/skycap carried all of Evander’s carry-on Louis Vittoin luggage, while the champ greeted folk and signed autographs.