Thursday, November 18, 2004

Monday Night Wardrobe Malfunction Football

I've worked in television for almost ten years and know there are cardinal rules. Do not show body parts, excessive blood or corpses. Steamy sex scenes are okay, but only on daytime, not primetime--and certrainly not Monday Night Football. Apparently, that's why the FCC has moved with light-speed to "review" the promo that preceded MNF.

What is there to review? The clip was so quick, most of us missed it while running to the kitchen for nachos or soda. There was nothing lewd about the lockerroom scene. Just gorgeous Terrell Owens, and aging sultry Nicolette "Desperate Housewives" Sheridan, dropping her towel, implying nudity. If anything, it was more campy than a promotional.

Poor Michael Powell. First, he had to study the outtakes of janet's Superbowl publicity stunt "wardrobe malfunction." Now, he has to "review" Nicolette Sheridan's steamy scene with (sigh) T.O. Here's the video. Was I the only one who was upset T.O. wasn't wearing a towel?

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