Friday, February 18, 2005

Fan Male Fridays: More or Less About Porn

Don't you love fan mail?

Most of the comments emailed here are fairly positive. Some would even call them rave reviews. But the negative ones—rambling and irate tirades, always spellcheck-challenged—are usually obsessed with one thing: naked men.

Are there too many half naked men here? Or, not enough boys showing all of their stuff? Just like CNN’s Crossfire, we’ll present two opposing POVs.

On the left, is He/She’s a porn addict, and is challenged by commas and apostrophes.

"Where are the naked black men with there their dicks hanging out and asses showing? I noticed that you have sent this email to many yahoo groups, some of which I am not a member. I understand the need for you to advertise Brotha2Brotha; but I just don't see the point if you don't have any naked black men to offer. I like porn, not blogs and info on the corrupt entertainment industry. I could care less about Jlo, I'm gay and she doesn't do a damn thing for me. If you have porn [frag] of black men, please send it, that would be great. ... I visited the your blog and was not impressed. There is a lot of porn on the net."

(Yes, there is a lot of porn on the net, and I'm sure you've seen most of it. But some of us prefer real men. Just call me old fashioned. Girl.)

The right-wing is represented by, who "edits" another weblog. He yearns for more genteel discussion and repetitive exclamation points.

“I don’t like your site or take it seriously!! It's very schizophrenic!! One day you critiqe critique Kerry on Face the Nation [sic], on another day you write a great book review!! then Then you loose all credibility points by running pictures of strippers and Bokeem Woodbine. (anyway, he’s fugly!!) But you truly do have a way with words and pictures. You’re always ragging on the Real World. (Which reality show do you produce? for!!) The blog I edit discusses relavant relevant events. If your site was were more serious, I’ll I'd read it daily.!!

(Editor/Editress: Don't waste your time on this blog, instead read The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press Guide to Punctuation. BTW, Kerry was on Meet the Press that morning.)

Keep those letters coming!
La Red Pen will return next Friday.