Friday, February 18, 2005

iCandy: Reality TV, Brazilian Style

Camera H via
Made in Brazil

Finally. A reality show that I’m lovin’.

Over a two week period, two go go boys are locked in a house. Day and night, online viewers can watch their daily routines. There are five shows where the boys get interesting; during the last one, the two are together in front of the cameras.

This isn’t a dream. It’s running now on Brazil’s Camera H, and the story comes to us via Made in Brazil. The latter is a fierce zine along the likes of OhlalaParis—just Brazilian style. Expect to see many boys from Ipanema wearing very little, except Colgate smiles, scandalous tan lines and beautifully sculpted physiques.

The reality show debuted on Valentine’s Day. The cast changes every two weeks, so viewers won’t get spoiled bored. Currently in the Big Brother stripdown are 22-year-old Fábio Fernandes and 28-year-old Alex Lorenzo.

Sounds hot, right? As they say on those campy old commercials, "But wait, there’s more!"

How much would you pay for an online show like this? $14.95? Hardly. $9.95? Wrong. Right now, Camera H is FREE.

Go to Made in Brazil, they’ll give ya all the details.

[Camera H via Made in Brazil]