Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hot Type: Bootylicious PageSixSixSix

It looks like husband-stealing marriage has agreed with Mrs. Marc Anthony. The new pics from the JLo/Beyonce Pepsi spot show a very svelte and lovely JLo.

The pics are from...wait: are you boys taking my advice? Go to the right and visit each of the Off da Chain links. These are weblogs that I. live. for.

JLo/Beyonce are via the witty and catty PageSixSixSix. G'head. Open the link NOW, it's a separate window. Thank you.

The hot sheet is the creation of one of the Hilton cousins, and goes farther than The New York Post's Page Six ever would. Yours truly stumbled across the fierce lil 'zine while checking into some rumors that not only is Clay Fakin' Aiken a big ole' TOP, but that he, like D'Angelo, loves his BROWN SUGAR. Loves it so much that he's payin' for it.

But I'm not one to gossip. Read all about it on PageSixSixSix.