Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Headlines: janet's $120M Velvet Rope Lawsuit

If it weren't for the frequency of half-nekkid brothaz and latin boyz on these pages, some may be hard-pressed to believe this is a black, gay blog.

James Bond and Aston Martins appear more frequently than Jay Z or Ashanti. We're more in love with Conde Nast than Nas. And most importantly, this blog is not—repeat NOT—infatuated with a certain pop superstar whose intials are "jj." Anyway—before my membership card is yanked—here’s my first janet post.

Reports say Miss Jackson is being sued for $120 million (a nice, even number) because of her bodyguard's unnecessary roughnness. New Yorker Leonard Salati filed the action at Manhattan Supreme Court. He accuses the singer of negligence by hiring the two unnamed bodyguards. The 39-year-old says Miss Jackson was friendly when they met outside the Marquee nightclub, and invited him to join her in the "lounge" VIP area.

Apparently he followed, but tried to pass Miss Jackson a note from the wrong side of the "lounge" velvet rope VIP room. (Maybe he wanted to say, "miss you much" "will you go with me?") But the security team lost "control" went ballistic, choked him, and threw him out. No word yet on the extent of his rope burn injuries.

This being a legal matter, no comment on the escapade matter from janet. I'm sure she's telling her lawyers "let's wait a while" "don't mess up this good thing" "that's the way love goes" to pay this guy off.

Question: What type of "twisted elegance" public relations entails talking to fans outside of Marquee of all places?