Friday, February 11, 2005

Beats: Honey Deux

Miss Honey Dijon is simply fabulous.

Two months ago, I wrote about my love affair with the music and persona of this NYC-based DJ. She's quite amazing. I'd much rather listen to her sets or CDs than the likes of Junior Vasquez, Peter Rauhofer or Danny Tenaglia.

Don't get me wrong: I love me some Danny T or Peter's Star Sixty Nine projects. But Miss Honey goes a step farther: she blends sexuality with her music. Honey is a "gender illusionist" from Chicago’s South Side, who moved to the Big Apple and now has a huge international following. Today, she's the most elegant and glamorous jockette in the city that never sleeps. If you've never seen her spin, you missed a show: fierce beats, sensual grooves, and seeing Honey in the booth, her face Mac perfect, and Prada head to toe. I'm. Lovin'. It.

Right now, I'm dancing in my cube to this fabulous new mix by Miss Honey—Grey Species from the Planet Freak. If you point and click to, you’ll find it and other fierce beats, free on Real Player. Music like this is too good not to share.

Honey is one of the few big DJs to defy categorization. Her sound is distinctively old school Chicago house, but she has many influences: disco, tech-house, tribal, funk, soul and r&b.

"I find that DJs now are defined by what they won't play, and it's so boring -- it underestimates the crowds. I don't discriminate when I'm playing music. I'll throw in anything as long as I'm feeling it. If I'm feeling it, other people will too."
She's a gifted DJ, and can manipulate any crowd.

"I've experienced every kind of club atmosphere -- gay clubs, straight clubs, loft parties, underground parties, outdoor parties, big club parties, sex parties, transgender parties -- so I'm able to take what I like out of that and express it my own way."
I discovered Honey about six or seven years ago, and it was love after hearing the first tape. This was in Chicago years before I moved to NYC. My good friend Robert had purchased one of her tapes at Gramaphone. The sound is retro, yet new. Honey spins lots of bass and garage beats, deep tracks. Think, St. Germain with a twist.

My first taste of Honey live was after moving to the big city. I think it was at The Cock in the East Village on a Thursday night. I'm not an East Village type, especially a regular at The Cock or The Hole, among the venues where Honey played. But I went there anyway, introduced myself, and told her that her music had given me many, many hours of enjoyment.

Admittedly, I became a groupie and followed her around New York. Tuesday nights at G, Thursdays at the Cock, the occasional Friday night she opened for Danny Tenaglia at the old Vinyl. (Speaking of Danny T, I’m still living for Elements. Seven or eight years later, that cymbal and percussion buildup is still offdachain.) She’d always comp me, we’d talk in the DJ booth, and I’d feel so fierce, chatting her up and meeting other fab New York nightlife celebs. One of the first times I went to Splash SBNY was when she spinned.

Like all good DJs, she’s moved on. Occasionally, Honey still does a set at G. But, nowadays, I just hear her tapes or CDs. But, nowadays, I just hear her tapes or CDs. She’s strictly international now, spinning at Miami’s Winter Music Conference, or playing for clubs in London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Amsterdam, Sydney or Ibiza.

Thankfully I have all the memories—plus a dozen or more tapes and CDs. But now it’s time to save up some coins, get my passport renewed and become an international groupie.