Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's ♥ Vocab

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Here are some new
Valentine's ♥ phrases for you!

Courtesy of the Daily Candy

n. A cop-out gifter. ("Good ole Phil. He's a total candy-boxer, but I still love him.")

cryday the 13th
n. The day before Valentine's Day if you don't have a boy/girlfriend. (“Don’t call Brent. As usual, today is his cryday the 13th.”)

n. Taking a break from romance and its attending insanities. A.k.a. turning off the valve. See also: shetox. (“No Valentine’s for me. I’m he-toxing.”)

n. Aid for injuries sustained during aerobic bedroom exercises—particularly by non-aerobic types.

love at first fight
n. Syndrome experienced by those drawn to each other by arguments and make-up sex.

n. Someone who always has a random hookup on Valentine's Day. (“They’re not dating; Joey always has a scamentine on this date.”

n. Shallow sentimentalist who sends valentines to everyone he knows. ("Don't be flattered by Rafael’s card. He's a notorious Valenspammer.")