Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hot Type: OhlalaParis

[ viaOhlalaParis]

Some people accept compliments very easily; yours truly is not one of them. I'm a relentless perfectionist, and compare almost everything to other results. For instance, yesterday, someone sent me a very simple compliment via YIM: "Fierce Blog."

I smiled, hit REPLY and wrote: "Thanks. But read OhlalaParis. That's fierce."

OhlalaParis is edited by Steph and Alek. The two Parisiennes call their weblog a "colorful, metro-sexual, fashionable journey through our lives, travels, fantasy and imagination."

It's easy to fall in love with this weblog. If you haven't already, open it in another window—like HERE—while we talk, and you can see why. There is a potpourri of hot men. The beauty shots of the City of Lights are stunning.

The 'zine samples culture as voraciously as it presents beautiful men. Interviews with authors, artists, and scenesters. Europeans absorb culture like a sponge, and these two are no different. Yesterday there was a profile of a gay British magazine, and their take on American events.

The weblog is neatly divided into sections with trendy names. Being Parisienne, Steph and Alek naturally have a separate style section: ManChic bring us French fashion before we see it in the magazines and on the runways.

Another favorite section: Latin Fever. The editors showcase a legions of Latin lovers, especially beautiful Brazilian boys.

A lot of people have asked me how my new site will look. Look at OhlalaParis, and give it an American urban sensibility. That would be ambitious, but oh-so-ohlala.

[OhlalaParis Styled by Steph & Alek]