Thursday, December 16, 2004

Random Conversation 2

Overheard @ ATM in the vestibule of the Washington Mutual on Broadway

Me (counting money to myself after ATM dispenses cash): 20, 40, 60 …

50ish White Guy Behind Me/Dick Cheney Meets Chelsea: I don’t get that. Why do people count their money at an ATM? I mean, who are you going to talk to if it’s wrong?

Me: 80, 100, 120 …

Cheney Lookalike: What, you don’t trust the computer? Let me ask you this: has an ATM ever made a mistake with your money. I just take my money and go.

30ish White Girl: It’s made a mistake with me before.

Cheney Lookalike: Was I asking you? You need to just mind your own business. I’m talking to this man right here. It’s a private conversation.