Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Live from 30 Rock

Did anyone catch LL on Today yesterday morning?

First, I'm a Today junkie, from being an NBC vet of some years. Secondly, I just love e'rthang about James Smith. I interviewed him once on a press junket, and bumped into him again at the She Hate Me premiere a few months ago. I'm living for his new look, and am trying to do the same thang myself.

Monday morning, LL was not plugging anything, but was in the bitter cold on the plaza at 30 Rockefeller, collecting toys for the Today show's foundation. He was warm and chatty with the crowd. But he got an even warmer reception from Katie Couric, who could barely contain her glee.

"He's so fine!" she giggled. When it was interview time, she jumped on him and straddled him. (I ain't mad, gurl.)

But the sweetest highlight: LL donated 10 grand of his own money to the foundation. "You can see its his own personal check," Katie gushed. "Ohmygawd, James Smith! Here's his address and phone number!"