Monday, December 20, 2004

The Pic is in the Mail

When having four or five pictures on your Blackplanet page just won't do, lame IMs like this are quite common.

cnautica1000: Yo man seen yo pic man. hit me up with hi and I'll throw the pic at ya
Rod: Wassup. U have my addy, just send your pics
cnautica1000: you have any mo?
Cnautica1000: you need to send me email man and Ill send it. My email is
Rod: You’ve seen my pics, yo.
Cnautica1000: Send another one or two.
Rod: lol
cnautica1000: whats so fuckin funny son
cnautica1000: at what lol
cnautica1000: at what addy son? naw I don’t know your addy
cnautica1000: I will see it when you send me a pic or two
cnautica1000: dam son I hate typing man
Rod: U hilarious, yo. I’m up.
cnautica1000: like I said you got me typing bruh
cnautica1000: you and I may be missing out son
cnautica1000: tell you what go to I’m the 5th person down in first row...

cnautica1000: oh yea its like that yea whateva