Sunday, December 19, 2004

Song du Jour

Heavy rotation on my iTunes: Stay This Way
Brand New Heavies

Just last week I revealed my love affair with the Heavies. It began in the early 90s, the first time I heard Dream Come True. And the love continues to this day, discovering recently re-released and remixes joints, like Bumpin' on Denmark Street.

I can listen to the Heavies all day. There aren't confined by genre--soul? acid jazz? vocals? instrumental? Their catalog has energy, promise and fever to spare. I think the music is distinctly Bristish soul: heavy bass, strong reverbs in the vocals, a restrained piano and synthesizer.

Saturday night, a friend and I drove about an hour outside the city to a Christmas party. Like most road trips, it was a great experience, spending time bonding with each other, laughing, scratching our heads, listening to music. He was driving, I was the designated DJ for the trip, so I brought along Jill Scott, Angie Stone and the Heavies.

It was great listening to Stay This Way, and finding new meaning in N'dea Davenport's soulful, haunting lyics.

Living with you in my life
Is like feeling the whole world’s on my side
Putting a smile in the place
Where a tear used to run down my face
Feeling the sun on my head
Where a cloud used to follow instead
Singing a song in my heart
In a place where all my troubles depart