Sunday, February 20, 2005

iCandy: Christian Young

Photos via
Christian Young/Norm Lee

Handsome, isn't he? This young man is a NYC-based actor and model, classically trained, having studied theatre at Julliard and the British American Dramatic Academy in London. Christian is also an Ivy Leaguer, a Brown alum.

The actor has appeared on stage and the small screen. You may have seen him in promotions for CNN or Nick at Nite.

Or like me, you may have peeped him on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The episode was entitled F.P.S., originally broadcast on January 4, 2004. Christian was featured in several pivotal scenes in the first act. His character, Raymond Chan, was a computer hacker who was stealing more than codes and passwords. Slo-mo the scene when he is collared by detectives. In tank top and sweats, he looks very arresting.

The actor also co-starred in Shackleton, a 2002 A&E production.

For more information, please see his website, Christian Young.