Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Fan Male

Please keep all the cards and letters coming, especially the fan letters. I found this anonymous letter most enjoyable, albeit slightly hard to read. But my corrections are in red. Enjoy!

I have just startd started reading your blog and what can I say? Nothing like what I thought you would be like. You don't know me, but I used to see you all the time, the past several summers on Christopher Street and, at Escuelita and other places. Obviously you spend time in the gym., I thought. You look good.

But reding reading your blog you ain't the type of nigga I thought you was were. You listen to all that tired house music and spend too much time reading books. I've never even heard of the Brand New Heavies. Give some ups to the new Nas joint.

But I will give you props. I was hatin' on you last year for kicking it with that Puerto Rican stripper from the club.

Which Puerto Rican stripper from which club?