Friday, March 18, 2005

New Kids on the Block

We're not talking about Jordan, Donnie, Joe and ... well, the other guys. What were their names? Doesn't matter: there are some new names added to our links at right. If you haven't yet navigated to them, please take the time ... now.

Point and click to Pip at UptempoOrpheus. His motto: Life is all perspective. This one is mine. His POV is fresh, irreverent, humorous and probing. Pip's destined for stardom, so be nice to him now—he’s a member of the Second City, so it's just a matter of time before we see him on SNL.

Do look up M!ke at Dark Affinity. Music lovers will enjoy his piece of the blogosphere—expect reviews, lyrics, poetry, musings and more. Right now I'm grooving in my seat while downloading Miss Nina Simone. Courtesy of M!ke. BTW, the art on his site is terrif.

Please visit them and each of our other links. C''s so e-z. Each opens in a new window, so you can have surf like it's Waikiki.

Dark Affinity