Thursday, March 03, 2005

iCandy: V-Spot

If it isn't obvious by now, my tastes are often over-the-top. Some things cannot be explained; we like what we like.

Vee definitely fits that genre. He is not incredibly gorgeous, or massively muscular. He has a striking, rugged look. But most importantly, his symetry is flawless. The clean taper to the pencil thin waist, groin muscles ... the overall affect is quite stunning.

His photos are labeled "Vee", and it's not certain is that short for Victor or Vincent; possibly, the photographer's short-hand for the model's dramatic V-shape. Or, the coveted 'V' below his navel.

Well-developed muscles below the waistline are all the rage now, but they have always been my weakspot. The inverted pyramid shaped muscle group comprises the psoas (Greek for loin), iliacus and hip abductors and are found below the belly button. They can be showcased above the waistband on low-rise jeans. Tres magnifique, no?