Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hot Type: Spanish Adventures

Photo via Edu/Spanish Adventures

The city never sleeps. Its citizens are quite cosmopolitan, taking in world class museums, dining al fresco at midnight, attending opera...and then, at 5am, dashing off to incredible venues like the nightclub above.

New York? Hardly. It's all about Barcelona.

Spanish Adventures is a newer blog that chronicles life in the famed Mediterranean city. It's a great site, not too much; beautiful pictures like above, and short, punchy content that is easily read it in a few minutes. The weblog is a snapshot of life in one of the world's cultural capitals: art, fashion, clubs, people, dining. Barcelona is a wondrous city, I visited many years ago in the early 90s, and also nearby Ibiza.

Please stop thru and visit Edu at Spanish Adventures. This is yet another site discovered via my new friends Steph & Alek at OhlalaParis—but you’re already reading them, right?

Yea! Spain First to Ratify EU Constitution [Yahoo News]