Thursday, February 24, 2005

Headlines: Maya Keyes Interview

Coming out is difficult and brave for anyone who is LGBT. But it is even more tough when your father is arch-conservative commentator Alan Keyes, who called Mary Cheney a "selfish hedonist" because she is a lesbian.

Although she had been blogging about her lesbianism for some time, Maya Marcel-Keyes publicly came out on Valentine's Day. This week, Planet Out interviewed her. Among other questions, editor Tom Musbach asked her about right-wing attempts to recruit black churchs into homophobia, and the fight against same sex marriage.

It makes me a little sad, because I look around and think that black people have never before been among those trying to oppress anyone. I don't understand why now [the religious right is] trying to recruit [the black community] into their discrimination.

Keyes also confirmed that her parents have withdrawn their financial support. Luckily, a foundation is now picking up many of her expenses at Brown.

The interview does not discuss her journal; bloggers have identified her site as this.

Maya Keyes Interview: Planet Out