Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Beats: Victor Calderone

Vol. 1-E=Vc2
Victor Calderone

Vol. 1-E-Vc2There are two types of dance music aficionados.
Victor Calderone fans. And, Victor Calderone groupies. Many would group me in the latter category.

For years, I've attended many of VC's events, like his fabulous residencies at Roxy or Miami's Liquid where he is part-owner. When he spins at clubs and major circuit parties you don't hear many diva anthems. He is tribal, the beats are heavier and he uses less vocals than the tracks he produces. Victor's best sets in recent memory were at the Hammerstein Ballroom over gay Pride 2001 and 2002. The 2001 party was an crazy Roman orgy theme.

But when Victor began remixing Madonna, like the bass-heavy Club Mix on Ray of Light, or the Extended Vocal Club on American Pie ... it wasn't working for me. The cache was gone. His next hit for Madge, Frozen, was darker and an international club hit. That was truer to his original form.

His first album debuted in 2000. Listening to it right now, the mixing and tracks are still killer. Vol. 1-E=Vc2 is probably one of the better tribal/underground CDs that I can remember. You want to make sure you listen from start to finish, so you can see the build. It's just like listening to him at one of his better Roxy sets—minus long lines, 1000 of your closest shirtless friends, go go boys and up to $25 50 75 admission fee. (Not moi! If I had to pay ... *giggle*)

There are Windows Media and Real Player samples on Vol. 1-E=Vc2, so open up another window if you haven't already. Tracks 1, Pete Heller's Big Love and 4, Fly Life were greatt sleections. Tribal, great hooks and strong bridges.

But the killah track of the disc: number 9, Do It Properly. This was an anthem in 2000 and 2001, and rightly so. It's sooo catchy and jumpy, I'm still hooked. The fierce reverbs and vocals were credited by The Collaboration ... none other than super DJs Peter Rauhofer and Victor Calderone.

More on Rauhofer later this week.