Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Seven Foot Baller

I'm 6'4, and my new love is taller than me. He's seven foot, so I have to look up to him. And at 42 inches across the front panel, he's somewhat wider than my usual "type". But he'll keep hot things hot, and cold things...Sub-Zero.

My current obsessions are Sub-Zero refrigerators. Specifically, the side-by-side, 650 or 680 series. (I could do the 611, but if I'm going to get an SZ, no need to try to be cheap.) Before, I liked the glass doors. But now it's all about the side-by-side stainless steel.

I certainly don't need a new refrigerator. But I want one, a big one. The 680 model has almost 25 cubic feet of storage, and an electronic touchpad. And this is important:

"Automatic ice maker provides an ample supply of crescent-shaped ice. Also has a bulk ice dispenser."

Dinner parties will never be the same! I'll have an endless supply of "crescent-shaped ice" for entertaining. (If that isn't gay, I don't know what is.) But owning a Sub-Zero means I'll need a professional range, like the Viking or Jenn-Air. So, I have to get on point and get some money rolling. I'm hoping to move in the summer or fall. So maybe I'll get the Sub-Zero next Christmas.

Why obsess over rerigerators, storage space, and cubic footage? I cook infrequently and live in a small apartment. It's goes without saying that I have folders of take-out menus, and often dine out. So why begin subscribing to Met Home and Elle Decor?

I'm falling victim to the age pinch, and consumerism. Much of my life, I've prided myself on being "above" advertising and trends. The main reason: I work in media, and am part of the "evil empire" of trend-makers and -setters. But now, I often find myself gazing woefully at Banana Republic and Range Rover ads. Several times, I've bought entire outfits from BR, and then had to find places to go. This new restaurant, that gallery opening, the screening of Mala doesn't matter. After working, or on days off, I want to work out, get dressed up, and go somewhere to stand around and look, well, successfull. I've found that wearing pin-striped BR slacks, a powder blue shirt, leather pea coat and standing in an Asian fusion restaurant usually does the trick. But standing at the bar and looking at Sub-Zero brochures, Behr paint samples or Elle Decor seals the deal.

Please pray for me.